Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Day 3 of 4 is done!!! One last day of classroom training for my CNA license. It seems to be getting easier. Another 100% on my test today. Tomorrow it will be 2 tests! Yikes!
Clinical training starts Monday and goes for 2 weeks. I am really looking forward to it. It is really hard to just sit and listen to lectures for hours each day.

Fall is definitely here! The cooler weather makes me want to wrap up in a quilt and settle in for the evening but too much to do. I have dinner in the oven, if you can call it that. Another quick meal out of the box. I knew it would be hard for me to go to class all day, drive an hour home and then cook a meal. So when I went to the grocery over the weekend I picked up a few meals in a box.

I haven't had time to sew all week. So the quilt I have on my design wall will probably stay there until the weekend. I just need to add 2 of the 3 borders. It is really turning out nice!

Time to go and find that quilt I do believe!
Hope you had a great day!!


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