Monday, March 29, 2010

More Changes! And Pictures to prove it!

This isn't quilt related so you might want to just skim on by.  But then again it might be interesting! 

I have hated my hair for some time now.  Years!!!!  So today I did something about it.  I guess you could say it was drastic.  You might save that word for in a couple of weeks when I think I might just go back and get it colored.  Maybe a red would look great!  lol

So I sat down in the chair and told the hairstylist that I wanted it all cut off.  You could hear a pin drop in the salon.  Everyone started staring waiting for my final decision (I was still somewhat on the fence).  I knew I wanted it short but really didn't know what I wanted.  Then another customer came in.  I looked at her hair and said, "I want a cut like hers!".  So that is what I got.

I had Leisa, the hairstylist, take a before photo before she started cutting.  So here are some photos!


Are you ready to see the after?  Are you sure?  Well here it is!  The picture isn't very good because my daughter took it with her cell phone.  But you get the idea!


Now onto some quilty stuff! 
I don't have any pictures of anything I have made to show you.  What I am sharing is simply an observation!

I have never purchased any 30's reproduction fabrics.  I haven't liked them so I found no need to keep any in my stash.  But recently I have been seeing quite a few quilts using them and I have found that I really like them.  So much so that the next time I go fabric shopping I am going to buy me some 30's reproduction fabrics.  I even have a pattern in mind for these fabrics that haven't been purchased yet. 

The Observation:  Our tastes change so much in regards to fabric.  I used to purchase Thimbleberries.  I don't anymore.  Then my taste started leaning towards the bright fabrics.  I do still love them but I now find my taste drifting back to the 1930's and I can't wait to start adding them to my stash!

That is it for today.  Except, I did hear from Sara and her Jelly Roll will be going in the mail in the next couple of days!  Congratulations to all the winners in the Hoppin' Good Eggs giveaways!


We Have a Winner!!!

First I want to say Thank You to everyone that left a comment or became a follower during the giveaway!  I was so excited to see that there were 361 comments to win that Jelly Roll.  It was just totally amazing to me! 

Second, Thank You to Sandi over at A Legacy of Stitches for putting this all together!  What a great time we all had hopping through some awesome blogs! 

Third, I am still visiting blogs for those that have commented during the giveaway!  I am getting through them as fast as I can!  My Google Reader is bursting at the seams with all the blogs I am following.  I have found some great ones to follow so far and expect to find loads more. 

Fourth, I have met some great new friends through this blog giveaway and hope to meet more.  I always love to hear from my readers.

So that is about it except for the name of the winner!  Are you ready?  Here goes!

The winner of the Soiree Jelly Roll is (drum roll please):

Blogger Sara said...
I'm a follower
March 24, 2010 10:59 AM

Her comment was chosen through a Random Number Generator.  You didn't think I was going to write all those names out and put them in a hat did you?  I had thought about it!  Didn't want to make everyone wait a whole week to find out the winner!  lol

As soon as I hear from Sara, her winnings will go into the mail.  If I don't hear from her by Wednesday morning another winner will be drawn.

I hope everyone had a good time visiting all the blogs.  Make sure you check back often as I will be doing another giveaway in April.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Hoppin' Good Eggs giveaway!  You are definitely all Good Eggs!

Have a great day!


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Another Change! lol

I appreciate all the comments I received about the new look.  I value your opinions so guess what!  It is changed again!  Let me know if it is too hard to read or whatever!  Thanks for the comments!

Having a great weekend so far!  How about you?


New Look!

I decided to play around a bit with the layout of my blog.  I am probably not done!  lol  Let me know what you think! 
I plan to get some sewing done today but haven't made it to the sewing room yet.  There is still time!
Don't forget to comment on the giveaway!

Have a great weekend!


Friday, March 26, 2010


Go over to Valrie's blog and find out what PINK is all about and to enter her Hop Along giveaway!

Comments are still coming in for the giveaway!  If you haven't commented yet to enter, scroll down a couple of posts.  Thanks so much to everyone that has entered and all those that have become followers.  Sorry I can't answer every comment.  I do have to work sometime. 
With such a great response I have already decided to do another giveaway next month.  I think it will be a great one!  So make sure you come back!

Hope you are having a great day!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

WOW!!! Giveaway Comments!

I can't believe all the comments that have been received for the Good Egg giveaway!  Wish I could have thanked each and every one of you for commenting and following, but then I wouldn't get any sewing done.  I have been checking out your blogs a lot of today and my Google Reader is busting at the seams with new blogs for me to read.

With this great response I might just have to add another prize! 

If you haven't entered the giveaway yet, just slide on down to the next post and do that now.  Make sure you head over to Hoppin' Good Eggs and check out the other blogs participating in the giveaway.

While your browsing around make sure you go by Kelly's blog, I Have A Notion, and sign up for her great giveaways.  Don't forget to check out her online store also.

I do have to work some tomorrow so I won't be doing comment approvals as quickly.  Darn it! But I will have something to look forward to when I come home.

See you tomorrow!


"Good Eggs" Giveaway!!!!"

 This giveaway is now closed!  A Winner will be announced later today!

Today is the start of the Good Eggs Spring giveaway!  The idea all came about due to Sandi over at A Legacy of Stitches.

Here is your chance to win a Soiree Jelly Roll from me.  Don't the colors look like Spring!

Here are the rules for the giveaway on my blog.

1.  Anyone may enter.  USA, International, other bloggers doing the giveaway, my family, your family, anyone's family.  I think you get the picture.

2.  The deadline for entering is March 28th.  I will draw a winner from all the comments on March 29th.

3.  You must have something in your comment letting me know how to contact you if you should win.

What do you have to do to enter?

1. For 1 entry:  You must simply leave a comment to this post telling me where you live.  Just a State or Country is fine!  That is all I really want to know.

2.  For an additional entry:  Become a Follower!  Comment on this post letting me know you are a follower.  This must be a separate post from your first entry.

I hope that is simple enough!

A special blog has been created to offer everyone access to those blogs that are participating.  To check out the other blogs just go to the Hoppin' Good Eggs blog.  I am sure you won't be disappointed.



Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt

I have been doing the Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt that was started over at Moose on The Porch Quilts.  The second block was post last week and I finally found time to show it to you.

It isn't too late to start!  So head on over and get the instructions for the first 2 blocks.

I have also been working on the BOM from Block Central.  It's called Sentimental Journey and this is block #3.  I really like it so far!

Hope you are having a great day!


Me Bad!!!

If you just received an email saying I had a new post, and that was about a giveaway,  I was bad!!!!  BAD, BAD, BAD!!!!

I was trying to get ahead on my post for the giveaway that starts tomorrow.  But instead of scheduling the post, I posted!  So, come back tomorrow when the giveaway will actually start!



Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Have A Notion!!!

Kelly over at I Have A Notion (IHAN) is celebrating IHAN's first anniversary!  Congratulations Kelly!  Kelly is having some great giveaways!  So run over there and visit her blog and make sure you head to her online shop and find a few notions you can't live with out!

Have a great day!!!!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Good Eggs"

Sandi over at A Legacy of Stitches came up with a great idea!  A Spring Giveaway!!!  Thanks Sandi!  So check back on March 24th to see what I am going to giveaway!  Maybe you could do a giveaway also!  Just email Sandi (you can find her email addy on her blog) and let her know you want to do a giveaway also.

Hope you are having a great day!


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cherry Jubilee!

I just have to tell you about another highlight of the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show.  It is called Cherry Jubilee and was made by an awesome quilter I know, Francis Moore of Indianapolis.  I met Francis through the Quilting In Indiana yahoo group.  She does absolutely spectacular quilts!  She emailed me and let me know that she had entered one.  So I had to look for it at the show.  This is an awesome quilt and even better than just being at the show was the fact she one 1st Place in the Ensemble Bed Quilts category!   Francis doesn't have a blog, but you can check out some of her other great quilts here on her photo bucket album.

Congratulations Francis!

(sorry the photo isn't very good but you know how it is when taking photos in a crowded place)

Thank You Francis for letting me display your quilt on my blog!!

I am off to get dressed, finally, and get to the grocery store.  Definitely need some coffee filters!  lol

Have a great Sunday afternoon!


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Great Day at the Quilt Show!

Jan and I spent a great day at the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show.  Thanks for going with me Jan!  Joanne and I attended last year together and had a great time.  Miss Ya Joanne!!!!  Maybe you can get a passport to come back to Indiana for next years show!  Or do you need a passport to come from New Hampshire!

I started out this morning about 8:15 for the 2 hour drive to Bloomington.  Had to stop by the Deputy grocery store to pick up a few snacks and a bottle of water.  You really have to go prepared!  Sure didnt' want to have to stop looking and shopping to get a little refreshment!  Plus I thought Jan would be pushed for time so I made sure she had a snack also.  When I ran into the store to pick up snacks I was stopped by some really cute little girls selling Girl Scout cookies.  Since I never run into a girl scout to preorder those tasty treats, I needed to pick some up when I got the chance.  Plus a box of those in the right tote bag can come in handy when a little sugar pick me up is needed. 

I finally got to Seymour to meet Jan at just a little after 9.  We timed it perfectly and was able to start our adventure without delay.  We made it to Bloomington about 10:20 and were eager to start our day.  Stopped and paid our admission and got the usual hand stamp.  What I had forgotten to do was give a quick call to our friend Ellen to let her know we were there (Ellen lives in Bloomington).  I remembered shortly after our stroll through the quilt show entries.  She was only about 10 steps away from me when I called so we were able to meet up with her in seconds.  We chose to wait on shopping until after our trip through the quilts.  There were lots of great quilts to see!  Then we just couldn't pass up all those vendors, now could we!

Here are photos of the items I purchased this year.

A couple of books that sounded interesting!  The Color Shuffle book is filled with some great patterns.  The Sashiko book looked like a great book for a beginner like me!



A couple of patterns that I thought would be interesting.


Some 1/2 yard cuts of fabric.  Aren't they pretty colors!

Last but now least a freebie that I picked up.  I even test drove the Gammill machine!  It was absolutely wonderful!  Brought these items home to lay conveniently on the dining room table for the DH to see.  Hint!  Hint!

We left the quilt show about 2:30 and made a quick trip to take Ellen home and see some of the fabulous projects she has going.  Seen some of her paintings and they were AWESOME!  Then we headed over to  the Mathers Museum to check out a small quilt exhibit featuring Linda Gray's work.  Wish I had gotten her permission to get some photos of her work.  Excellent stuff!

I can never go to Bloomington without making a stop at a great quilt shop called Shiisa Quilts.  Janet always has some fabulous fabrics to fondle.  It is one of those shops that make you feel at home when you are there.  If you love COLOR, then you will love Shiisa!  Check out her website and you will see what I mean!

Thought I would share with you what I purchase at Shiisa today.

Some great fabric!

A pattern called Lollipops!  Sorry about the flash!

Some Applique Glue and Straw Needles.  Which can only mean one thing--I am going to try that hand A word!  lol

Jan and I finally stopped and ate in Bedford at the Subway.  I got home about 6:30 this evening and I was so tired but reenergized quilt wise.  I really needed that!  Tomorrow is a day that I plan to get quite a bit of sewing done.  I need to get 2 bindings done and some UFO's started again.

That was our busy day!  Hope you enjoyed your day as much as I did!


Friday, March 5, 2010

Something I Started!

As you can see on the right side of my blog, I am participating in the Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt Along.  Instructions for the first block have  been posted.  This Quilt Along can be found over at Moose On The Porch Quilts blog or by clicking on the logo on the right side of my blog.  Each of the 12 blocks will be designed by someone different.  Here is a photo of my first block.  I am using a Moda Miss Jump's Scrap Bag Jelly Roll.  The next block is in two weeks so if you haven't gotten started yet, it's not too late!

I have also been busy with the previous posts projects.  The Red, White & Black Log Cabin is now off the frame and ready for binding.  I would say I am going to get that done this weekend but I really know I won't have time.  My SIL and I are heading to the Bloomington Quilt show tomorrow.  If you are close to southern Indiana, check it out at

That is it for today!  I will let you know about the quilt show when we get back!

Hope you are having a terrific Friday!