Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Early Christmas!

We are having an early Christmas this year. The kids will be here this evening to open gifts and go out for dinner. Seems like everyone is so busy this year that it is just too hard to get together.

I went to town today to try and finish up some of my Christmas shopping. I really detest Walmart but that is about the only place to shop around here. I had planned on going to the mall in Clarksville today but it seems the case of bronchitis I have been fighting is still lingering. I just have a couple of gift cards to pick up and I will be finished. I don't need those until after the first of the year thankfully. How are you doing on your shopping?

Hope you are having a good day!


Thursday, December 17, 2009


Why have people found it necessary to post spam in the comments sections of my posts? I just can't understand it. This has happened perhaps 4 times so I have had to change my settings to moderate my comments. This is such a sad world when a quilting blog has disgusting comments to delete so no one else has to see them.

So! If you plan on posting a comment about Viagra, I am not male so I really don't need it. If you plan on posting a comment telling me I need to meet up with you, sorry! I don't have time and I really don't want to. If you think you need to post a comment telling me how hot you are, you are probably NOT! I don't want to know either!

On a quilting note, I finished my daughters Happy Block swap quilt. Well, I thought I had! Put the binding on it this afternoon. Laid it out to look at it and didn't like the quilting. Just wasn't enough of it. So now I am adding some more quilting to the body of the quilt.

Have to work the next 4 days so you probably won't hear from me during that time! Hope you have a great weekend!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Friends & Family

I haven't been getting much sewing done since I haven't been able to get off the couch much lately. Been to the doctor twice and each time given another antibiotic injection. Hopefully soon it will be better.

This package arrived last week from my friend Joanne in New Hampshire. This is a surprise she sent me for finishing a UFO. The boogie family arrived about the same time as the ones in my head arrived. Huh! Was that just a coincidence? I am sure it was! Thanks Joanne! Love the green and the purple! lol Make sure you check out Joanne's blog! She is doing some awesome quilting!

The next photos are of my kids at Thanksgiving. We were having a great time playing Wii.

This is Jill, the baby, playing Gold's Gym Cardio Workout. It sure looks like she really needs it! Check out those great socks!!!

This next photo is of my son, Mick. Mick is the joker of the family. Sometimes too much and it gets him in trouble. I think you can probably tell that from the grin on his face! lol

This is Cody! Cody refuses to have his picture taken at any time and this was no different. He is under that blanket somewhere. He was just too fast for my camera. Maybe I will have better luck at Christmas.

Hope you are having a great day!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Look

How do you like the new look of my blog? I was getting a little tired of the previous look so I thought I would do something about it yesterday. I really like the colors!

After I spent the time to go get gas for the generator yesterday, our power didn't go out once. But you know that is how it usually goes. If I hadn't gone, the power would have went out and I would have had to make a trip to town.

Also made it to the library yesterday. Not the usual one I go to. Got a couple of quilting books to read up on some techniques. The libraries around here are on the Evergreen system. You can easily order a book from another library, but you will have to wait a couple of weeks. Our local libraries don't have a good selection of quilting books. Some of the other libraries have an awesome selection. I don't mind waiting 2 weeks if I can get a book and see what it is all about before I buy. You might want to check and see if this is available at your local library!

It's really cold outside today so it is a good day to stay in and sew. Hope you stay warm!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter is here!

Winter is here in southern Indiana that is for sure. The wind is gusting and the temp is dropping. A few snowflakes are also falling.

I think we are prepared!

I went to town earlier and got gas for the generator. Around here when the wind starts blowing you think about being without power. It isn't unusual for this area. When the closest decent sized town is
at least a 1/2 hour away, power outages can be quite numerous and lengthy. So the gas is ready and the generator is in the garage. I can tell you getting gas in 30 degree weather with 40 mph winds was not pleasant but worth it.

On a quilty note, I am still working on the Bonnie Hunter mystery, Carolina Christmas. Not in Christmas fabrics but rather my own choice. Hope to get step 4 finished today.

Sorry for the screwed up font but it seems blogger doesn't want me to fix it today!

Hope you are having a great day and staying warm!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blogs to share!

Here are some links to blogs that I think are worth checking out.

This is a great blog to check out quilts that other people have made. She is also having a great giveaway! Make sure you check out her online shop!

If you want to find some new free motion designs for your quilts, then this is the place to go!

This isn't a blog but rather a great website for some awesome block designs!

Hope you enjoy these links! Have a great day!


Friday, December 4, 2009


The weekend is upon us! Even though I work some weekends, I always look forward to Friday evening.
I plan to do some sewing this weekend. I plan to get a lot of things accomplished but we all know how that goes.

Today I thought I would share with you some of my favorite quilting related websites. Stop by and check them out!

An awesome website to order thread from. Make sure you sign up for their newsletter!

My dear friend Joanne's blog. She always has some great things going on over there.

A really great quilt shop in Salem, Indiana

Hope you have a great weekend!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fabric 12/2

Isn't this a beauty also? I think I could use a few yards of this! This is a Hoffman fabric.

I will see what I can find again tomorrow!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I love fabric!!! So I was thinking what would be a good blog post. I posted all my finishes yesterday so what do I have to share today.

So I did some strolling around on the web looking at fabric. Here is a fabric I absolutely love.

This is from Robert Kaufman fabrics.

Hope you had a great day!


Monday, November 30, 2009

Been a little while!

I know it has been a little while since I posted. Shame on me!

Did get some quilts finished in the last couple of months that I thought I would share with you.

This is a quilt from a Row Robin that I participated in. I didn't like the way the quilt was in rows so I took it apart and reassembled all the blocks. A big Thanks goes out to all my friends that helped with this quilt.

This is a quilt made with the Take 5 pattern. I bought it as a kit at one of our local quilt shops. I think it will make a cute quilt for one of the kids around here.

This next finished quilt was a mystery we did at a retreat I attended last year. I think it turned out pretty good!

This quilt is for my son, Mick. I started it a few years ago and have now finally finished it. He will be surprised to see it at Christmas.

My photography leave a lot to be desired! lol

Hope you are having a great day! Maybe I won't take so long to post the next time, but as you can see I have been busy!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

4 weeks!!!!

I was just over on my friend Joanne's blog when I noticed it had been 4 weeks since my last post. Shame on me!!!! I guess I have been busy but it sure hasn't been sewing. I have been working on 2 scrap quilts. These quilts are the result of a challenge I started on our Quilting In Indiana yahoo group. I am not making much progess on them however. I think it is simply because I want to start something new and won't let myself.
I did manage to get some organizational things completed over this past weekend. I managed to get all my fabric on boards and onto shelves in our spare bedroom. I think that was quite an accomplishment. I also have a cutting table on its way from to go along with those nice neat shelves of fabric in the spare bedroom.
I did also manage to do a little fabric shopping lately also. I just need to get those scrap things finished so I can use some of that new fabric!!!!
I received the quilt that Joanne quilted last week. She does a fatastic job with her HQ! Very, very reasonably priced also! Here is a pic of the quilt she did for me.

I didn't make this quilt top. I only provided the fabric in a Bag Lady swap last year (I think it was last year). Donna Collison was the creativity behind the quilt top. I want to get the binding added soon. I just need to finish up those 2 scrap quilts first!

The other thing I can add to my list of reasons why I haven't completed anything is Facebook. Facebook alone can become addicting but throw in the fun games and you can be totally addicted in minutes! I could play more games on Facebook if I would just get those 2 scrappy quilts finished!

Well, it is time to go and maybe make some sewing headway! I got to get those 2 scrap quilts finished!!!
Until next time, and hopefully it won't be 4 weeks, have a great day!


Friday, July 3, 2009

Where have I been?

It sure wasn't here was it. Don't know where the time goes.

I have been taking a little time to read some blogs.
Here is a great one having a giveaway in honor of her birthday. Go check it out!

Hope you have a great 4th of July weekend!


Friday, June 12, 2009

Joanne's Giveaway

You really need to go check out Joanne's blog called Splitting Stitches. She has been posting the quilts she has been quilting for others. Plus she is having a great giveaway right now. She will be drawing a winner on June 29th so get over there soon.

Not much happening around here today. Just worked a while this morning then picked up McDonald's on my way home. I had planned to go to the grocery today but I think I will wait until tomorrow so I can make sure I have everything I need on my list. Sunday is the Graduation Open House for DD Jill so I want to make sure I get everything I need in one trip. It is too far to town to have to pick up something I had forgotten.

We have added a new member to the family. No not a grandchild or anything like that. We now a have bull calf that was born on Wednesday. Maybe I can get some pictures of him today. We got up this morning to find him asleep beside the front porch. He sure is cute!

That is it for today! Hope you have a great weekend!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tell A Friend Giveaway

This is posted over at

Win: 1 Frosted Memories Fat Quarter Bundle by Holly Taylor for Moda Fabrics !
To enter simply "tell a friend" to spread the word about Quilt Qua. You can send an e-mail to people, post on your blog, comment on someone else's blog, put info in your guild newsletter, etc. Then send an e-mail to: and let me know what you did. Enter as often as you wish. Random drawing for the winner will be at 10 pm July 31st.

Thanks Joanne for telling a friend!!!


Monday, June 8, 2009

Design Wall Monday

What is on my design wall? This is! I was late for Design Wall Monday last week and didn't get it posted until Saturday. Today I am on time! If you want to see what other bloggers have on their design wall, go to Judy Laquidara's Patchwork Times.

I did manage to get some more blocks done over the weekend.

Hope you had a great weekend!


Saturday, June 6, 2009

What is on my design wall!

Judy Laquidara over at Patchwork Times has started "What is on your design wall". Just click on the links and you can read all about it. I am definitely very late or very early with my post. But here is what is on my design wall.

In our Quilting In Indiana Yahoo group I have posted a challenge. The challenge is to use up your scraps. This is what I have been doing with mine. This is a quilt as you go project that will end up being reversible. I don't have the blocks in the position they will end up in. I just have them on the design wall to keep them out of the way until they are done. These have already been quilted but with 80 blocks I still have a ways to go.

Today I spent a few hours at an Estate sale and a couple of flea markets. The only thing I found was this.

I found this great little travel iron at one of the flea markets. Isn't it so cute!!!!

It was still in the original box and still wrapped in the original packing. The cord is even still coiled up for shipping. The handle folds down after you remove the plug. This little thing is sure heavy but weren't those irons we had way back then so great!!! It seemed like they lasted a lifetime so I think I will really like this one. I couldn't go wrong for $3.00.

That has been my day!
Hope you are having a good one!


Pomp & Circumstance!

I think that is how you spell it! Here is what we have been up to lately.

This is a picture of my dear daughter in her cap & gown. Her High School graduation ceremony was held yesterday evening. It is hard to believe she is the baby of the bunch.
Here is a picture of her with her two brothers.

I am so proud of her and both her brothers. They have all turn outed to be excellent individuals!
Hope you are having a great weekend!


Monday, May 18, 2009

I have the best patients!

I don't know if you know this or not, but I work as a Home Health Aide. I go to people's homes and help newly released hospital patients with their personal care. I love doing it!
Since I have been doing this job, I have met some of the nicest people. Just last week, I had a patient give me flowers out of her garden. Some beautiful Iris's. Today I was offered breakfast with a patient. Didn't take them up on the offer, but it was just nice to be offered. I have a couple of patients that have a wonderful sense of humor. They manage to keep me laughing!
Anyway, it is a great job and I am so glad I accepted it when it was offered!

Hope you are having a great day!


Friday, May 15, 2009

Senior Pics

My daughter, Jill had her Senior portraits taken last Wednesday. Most turned out well considering it was a very rainy, dreary day. The photographer told me it was okay for me to post some to my blog. So I decided to share the one that I liked the best.

Tomorrow we will be spending the entire day at the college.
Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Won!!!

I am really late posting this. I won a giveaway over at Alderwood Quilts. The prize arrived a couple of days ago, but this is the first chance I have had to post about it. Thank you so much Sue Hauser for having a great blog and sending me the wonderful prize. Stop by and say Hi to Sue!

What did I win?

This is what I won! It has some absolutely fabulous recipes in it along with some awesome block patterns.

Hope you had a great day!!!


Thursday, April 30, 2009


The embroidered quilt is finished, washed & dried. I was finally able to get a photo of it after DD Jill got home from work tonight. She had to stand on the cedar chest to be able to hold it high enough. Cody was on the other end hiding from view.
The quilt finished at 90" x 90". I don't know what is going to be done with it yet. I am sure I can find someone that would like it. It may just be me!!!

Here is the final result!

Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It has been a few days since my last post. I thought I would update you on the embroidered quilt I have been working on. No, it isn't finished yet. No, I don't have any pics to share. But YES it is ready for the binding. I am getting ready to cut my fabric for the binding. I hope to have it on the quilt by the end of the day. It all really depends on how much time I spend at the computer today. I know if I don't get it done today it will probably be the weekend.

Got to go! I hear binding calling my name!


Friday, April 24, 2009

Finally here!!

The weekend has finally arrived!!!! I am looking forward to getting some sewing done this weekend. That is after going to the bank tomorrow, doing laundry and basically getting some housework done.
I have a busy next week at work. The other Home Health Aide is taking 3 days vacation so I will be picking up some of her patients while she is off. Hope she enjoys her vacation time.
Most of you that follow my blog know I have a daughter that will be graduating high school this year. She found out that she was accepted to Hanover College last fall. I know she is really looking forward to that. Right now though, the end of Senior year is quickly coming upon us. You really don't think too much about it until certain things happen. The first was the Senior Prom just a few weeks ago. The one thing that has happen that has really made me realize the end of her High School experience was coming to an end, is the arrival of the cap and gown and graduation announcements. The little one will soon be starting a new adventure in her life. Boy, does the time fly. It seemed like yesterday she was going to her first day of Kindergarten. I still remember that day. She wore a blue denim skirt, red t-shirt and white tennis shoes. I can't forget her hot pink butterfly backpack. I am really proud of all that she has accomplished is her 18 years.

I am heading for the sewing room. Hope you have a great weekend!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Giveaway Winner!!!

Can we have a drumroll please?

All the comments were printed out, cut apart, folded and put into a bowl, with the help of Jill my wonderful DD.

The winning entry was drawn my DS Cody.

I would have taken pics but the two kids adamantly refused!!! I guess they didn't want their 5 minutes of fame.

Anyway, here is the winner:

DianeH said...

Mother's are very special people, who deserve very special birthdays.
Best Wishes.

Diane, I have emailed you privately for your snail mail address.

Thank you everyone for playing and all the great comments.

Hope to see you back here again soon!


Monday, April 20, 2009

No Giveaway winner until tomorrow!

I haven't had time to draw a winner for the giveaway yet. I will try to get that done tomorrow evening after I get home from work.
I have been really busy today. I actually got some sewing done. Sewing repairs that is! LOL Cody needed a button sewed on his suit pants. Yes, the same ones that have been hanging in my sewing room (I suppose as a reminder!) for the last few months. Probably since January when he moved back home. Hehe!!!!!!!!
I worked a few hours this morning so I didn't even get home until about 1 this afternoon. I LOVE my job! I have met so many nice people that I otherwise would have never met! It isn't really like a job. It is more like going to visit some very wonderful elderly people.

I have managed to get my embroidered blocks all quilted and assembled. Now it is time to work on the borders. I still need to cut the fabric and quilt those before I can assemble them to the top. I thought I would take some photos for you so you can see the stage that it is in. Notice it does need a good pressing!

This is the Center Medallion block that has been embroidered, quilted (using a quilt as you go method) and assembled with the framing blocks.

This is a photo of all the blocks quilted and assembled. I just need to get busy on those borders. This not exactly how the instructions say to do this. Similar, but not exactly. The instructions use the quilt as you go method with the only difference is the width of the sashing between the blocks. I prefered to use the method the wonderful Debbi Russell of Ohio taught us at retreat last September. Thank you so much Debbi!!!!!!!!!!! I have used this method several times since then.

Well, it is time to go. I have a really busy day at work tomorrow so I should get to bed early.
Thanks for visiting and please leave a comment!!!!


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Birthday Giveaway!

My Mom is having a birthday next week. April 12th to be exact. So in honor of her birthday, I thought I would do a giveaway. Here is what you will have a chance to win! 3 wonderful FQ's! All you have to do is follow the rules listed below to earn your entries.

Make sure you leave your email address in your comment so you can be notified if you are the winner!

For each entry into the giveaway, you must post a separate comment. This makes it so much easier when it comes time for drawing.

1. Leave a comment anytime between now and April 20th wishing my Mom (Mary) a Happy Birthday for an entry. You may leave a comment each day but only one per day.

2. Post this giveaway to your blog and you will receive another entry. You must make a separate comment to my blog telling me you have posted this giveaway to your blog.

3. If there are more than 100 comments between now and April 20th, I will give away a second set of 3 FQ's. So hurry and go tell your friends!

4. International comments are more than welcome!

That is about it! That isn't so hard, is it!

Hope you are having a great day! I am going to go make some more embroidered blocks. What about you?


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thank you!

When I first started the giveaway, I was trying to respond to all the posts. Somehow I have fallen way behind. Thanks to all that have commented so far!
I talked to Mom on Sunday and she asked me how many comments I had received. She didn't know she could see them also. It totally amazed her at all the comments. She asked me to let everyone know that she appreciates each and every one of them.
So "Thank You" from Mom!
No photos to show today as I haven't been doing much in the sewing room. I have tomorrow off work so I hope to get to do some sewing then.

Hope you had a great day!


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Quilt Giveaway!

I was just over at Joanne's blog and found an interesting p0st about a Quilt giveaway. So I had to get right over there and find out what it was all about.
Megan is doing the quilt giveaway over on her blog. If you need a good laugh, head over there and read her blog and sign up for her giveaway. I don't think you will be disappointed!

Happy Easter!!!!!!!!


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Even More Blocks

This is the last of the 17" blocks I have been making for the Infinity quilt. They are all quilted and ready to put together once the 35" center block is embroidered and quilted. I started on it yesterday but with 24 motifs to embroider, I think it will take me a few days. Plus the fact that I had to work today and work tomorrow will probably slow me down some.

I have them all trimmed down to the right size and ready to assemble. I just need to get that center block embroidered. I know get off the computer and get busy! lol

Have you taken a few minutes to leave a comment to get your entry in the giveaway?

Hope you are having a great day!


Pig Tale & Quilts

Pig Tale & Quilts is doing a giveaway in honor of her daughter's 30th birthday. Slide on over there and get signed up.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Need email adddresses!

I forgot to put in the rules for the giveaway, that you need to leave your email address. If you have not received an email from me, I do not have any way of contacting you. If I can not contact you now, I won't be able to contact you when the winner is drawn.

Please email me a way to contact you or post a comment with the information included.

Thanks for playing!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More Embroidered Blocks

I had a little time this morning to upload the photos of the 3 blocks I got quilted yesterday.

I didn't do a very good job taking that last photo. lol
Don't forget about the Birthday Giveaway. That post will stay at the top until the deadline. Notice the April 20th date on it.

Hope you have a great day!


Monday, April 6, 2009

Embroidered Block update!

I managed to get one more block embroidered tonight. Plus I did get three more quilted. I will post photos of the quilted blocks tomorrow.

Hope you had a great day!


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Joanne! Joanne! Joanne!

I do believe the title is appropriate for this post. lol
Yesterday, I got to spend a great day with my friend Joanne, another friend, Penny and my Mom. We did a little sewing but not much. lol We did make a trip to Sharynn's in North Vernon but I didn't buy a thing. I know, and No I wasn't sick! lol
Anyway, I seen that Joanne had posted to her blog this morning. Of course, she was telling about our day together. But why did she have to go and say, "You all should check out Rhonda's blog she has more talent in her little finger than I'll ever have in a bazillion years. Rhonda hope you've got some decent pics up on your blog so everyone can see how talented you really are!!"
Now that she went and did that, I guess I should post some photos. I guess I should have said, this is the reason she posted that comment.
I have been working on an embroidered quilt. Here is the link to a picture of the quilt.
The quilting is done as you go, so I am able to now show you 5 quilted blocks. I have 9 of the 12-17" blocks embroidered but only 5 quilted. There is a 34" medallion block in the middle which I haven't gotten finished yet.
Alright, so here we go! I have tried and tried to get the space out of between these photos but for some reason it just isn't happening. They looked good when I was writing the post but as soon as I published it, whammy!

Ok, that is all the photos for now. The best way to view these are to click on them so you can actually see the quilting design in them. I will post more blocks as I finish them.

Now that I have all that posted. Be sure to check back tomorrow for the details on a giveaway I will be doing. Hope to see you then!

Hope you had a great weekend! And don't forget to go over to Joanne's blog and check out what great things she is doing!


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another great giveaway!

Quilting on a Budget is not only a great blog to read but is also having another giveaway. Make sure you read through her posts to get some really great information on saving money while quilting.

Hope you are having a great day!


Monday, March 30, 2009

Quilts finished

I spent the last week working on 2 new projects. I have both completed and thought I would share the finished quilts with you.

This is Funny Farm.

This is my Sisterhood of Quilters wallhanging:

Hope you are having a great day!


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fabric Giveaway!

Thought you might like to hear about a fabric giveaway. Just head over to Wondermommy

Hope you are having a great weekend!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Quilting on a Budget

If you have never checked out the Quilting on a Budget blog, you really should. Awesome blog with lots of great information! Right now there is a great giveaway that you might want to get entered in.


Monday, March 23, 2009

Starting something new!

I keep telling myself I need to finish up some of my UFO's that are lying around. They aren't really just lying around, they are safely hidden from view in a draw stack in the sewing room. I need to do this but yet, I started a new project yesterday. I was in Sharynn's last week and she was putting together a kit called Funny Farm. It was so cute I just had to get one. Here is a link to the website that has the pattern.

The kit uses the Funny Farm collection of fabric. There is a special little guy that I know that will be receiving the finished quilt. I won't mention any names here because I want it to be a surprise for him and I think his Mom might just check out my blog from time to time.

What little boy or girl wouldn't love this quilt?

Hope you are having a great day!


Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Site

As I was reading blogs yesterday, I found this. Thought maybe some of you might be interested! I know I was.

This April they will launch! They can’t wait to share with you the projects, tutorials, and patterns brought together by a team of experts and lead designers in the industry. Check it out for a chance to win a Janome sewing machine!

You Can Make This! Blog

You will also notice something new on the right side of my blog. A great new tool I have added! Just enter your email address to have my posts sent directly to you. No checking back to see what has been posted. I wish all blogs would have this. It would be so much easier to keep updated on the blogs I read. Hope you get signed up!
Hope you are having a great weekend!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What I have been working on!

I started a new job 3 weeks ago that has kept me pretty busy lately. I like the new job so far especially the fact that I am off every weekend and all the holidays. Add to that the fact that I am now working a day shift job, what more could I ask for!

Between work, housework, etc. I have been working on a couple of things. The main one being a challenge quilt. A challenge for a retreat in September that I am not going to be able to go to. I will miss all my dear friends at the retreat this year. Maybe next year things will be better. Who knows!

The challenge for September was called Dots and Dashes. We are to make a quilt that is constructed of at least 50% of dotted and striped fabric. I still have the borders to add but will need to go to my LQS for something appropriate. Don't stare at it too long or you might go blind! lol It is rather bright! I like it and it will make a great Christmas gift in December.

Do you still have your eyesight? lol

You still have time to get over to Joanne's blog and leave her a comment on her stimulus package! Go now before it is too late!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Joanne's Stimulus Package

Check this out!

Joanne is offering a Quilters Stimulus deal over on her blog. If you have some tops that need quilted you may want to go there and check it out.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Superior Threads Blog

I don't know how many of you use Superior threads but you should really check out their blog!

Lots of great information there!


The winner has been drawn by Mr. Random for the giveaway.

The Winner is:

Terry Monnett!

Congratulations Terry!!! I will put that prize in the mail this week. Thanks to all that left comments!


Saturday, February 21, 2009


Not only am I doing a giveaway this month, but there is one other you should check out!

Over at Quilting on a Budget, she (with the support of Ott-lite) is giving away a floor model Ott-lite. Wouldn't that be a wonderful thing to win! Just follow the link to get there!

Another great site to check out is Craft Gossip! One of the commenters on my blog has this website. Denise is doing a wonderful job over there! Thanks Denise for the link!

Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Don't forget the giveaway!!!

Make sure you leave a comment about the giveaway to be entered. There are other ways to get extra entries so be sure to check out the previous post.

I have been lucky enough to win 2, yes 2, blog giveaways in the last week. The first was a great little mug mat from Barb over at So How Was Your Day?. Thanks so much Barb! It arrived on Saturday! Be sure and check out Barb's blog. I am sure you will find some interesting things there!

The second win I had was from Pat Sloan's blog. I haven't received the prize yet so I don't know what it is. I will be sure and let you know when it arrives and what it is. I am sure it will be a great surprise.

Last Wednesday I was off work so I joined my Mom at Sharynn's in North Vernon. Sharynn's is a fun place to go when you are fabric shopping. That isn't why we went but is what we ended up doing. lol Mom had a class on her new Janome 11000 so I went with her. When we got done we did a little fabric shopping. More like Mom did some fabric shopping. Sharynn's had just got in some Fresh Picked Follies fabrics. The panels were too cute to pass up! I got 2 panels. For those that haven't seen them before, here is a picture. So cute!!!!

Now I just need to figure out what to do with the ladies!

Hope you had a great Monday and are looking forward to Tuesday!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Just had to stop by and tell everyone. My wonderful DH had me a dozen red roses and a box of chocolates here this morning. The roses are beautiful!

Love you all!


Monday, February 9, 2009

WooHoo!!!! on the Giveaway!

I have to tell you! I love all the comments I am getting! I wish I had time to respond to each comment but haven't found an hour or two yet. As soon as I do you will hear from me. To answer one question was addressed in a comment--Yes, if you live in Canada you are eligible to win also! Thought I would repost the giveaway info so no one has to search for it.

I love hearing from so many different people! I have been checking out blogs from those that have commented and found some great blogs to add to my blog list soon.

Keep the comments coming!

In honor of the month of February, the month of Love, I thought I would do a giveaway. This is what you will win! Six great FQ's that I am sure you will find something to do with!

Here are the rules:

1. Leave a comment here on my blog. For this you will receive one entry. Leave your email address so I can contact you if you are the winner.
2. Post about my giveaway on your blog and you will receive an extra entry.
3. In your comment, tell me where you heard about my giveaway and you will receive another extra entry.
4. If you become a follower, or you are already a follower, you get another extra entry.

So, it is possible to get up to 4 entries!

If I receive more than 100 comments, I will send out two gifts!

The deadline for entering is February 28th. I will have Mr. Random draw the lucky winner on March 1st.

I keep telling myself I LOVE my job! I LOVE my job! I LOVE my job! Hopefully I will convince myself soon. You would be surprised at how some elderly people act. I should write a book! lol

Hope you are having a better day than me!