Monday, February 9, 2009

WooHoo!!!! on the Giveaway!

I have to tell you! I love all the comments I am getting! I wish I had time to respond to each comment but haven't found an hour or two yet. As soon as I do you will hear from me. To answer one question was addressed in a comment--Yes, if you live in Canada you are eligible to win also! Thought I would repost the giveaway info so no one has to search for it.

I love hearing from so many different people! I have been checking out blogs from those that have commented and found some great blogs to add to my blog list soon.

Keep the comments coming!

In honor of the month of February, the month of Love, I thought I would do a giveaway. This is what you will win! Six great FQ's that I am sure you will find something to do with!

Here are the rules:

1. Leave a comment here on my blog. For this you will receive one entry. Leave your email address so I can contact you if you are the winner.
2. Post about my giveaway on your blog and you will receive an extra entry.
3. In your comment, tell me where you heard about my giveaway and you will receive another extra entry.
4. If you become a follower, or you are already a follower, you get another extra entry.

So, it is possible to get up to 4 entries!

If I receive more than 100 comments, I will send out two gifts!

The deadline for entering is February 28th. I will have Mr. Random draw the lucky winner on March 1st.

I keep telling myself I LOVE my job! I LOVE my job! I LOVE my job! Hopefully I will convince myself soon. You would be surprised at how some elderly people act. I should write a book! lol

Hope you are having a better day than me!



Teresa said...

Hi Rhonda, I have been a follower of yours for some time now, having you listed on my bloglines. I enjoy reading your blog. So I guess you can say I heard of your giveaway from you! Count me in, its lovely fabric.

Linda said...

I found you cause I follow you on my feeds and I finally had time to do some catch up LOL
I really have to laugh at your job comment! I have worked for Home Health assisting the elderly and disabled for 7 years. I am currently taking the 'winter' months off as a break! I have some stories that you can add to your book! LOL
Love the panel from your post on Tuesday, February 3, 2009! That is just too cute! Can't wait to see how you will use it! OKay, back to catching up for me! Happy Quilting! HOpe your weather has improved!

Sewgirl said...

YEAH!!! What a great idea, I should do something like this. However I'm not that dedicated or have the time to get on the PC. My sis Ellen called and told me about the news. I had to get on and check it out. I need to get on and catch up on soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many things. Glad I did though so I could see all the pretty things you've created. What wonders to behold. FANTASTIC, see what I've been missing out on! How crazy am I!!!!!!!!!!!!!

maggie fellow said...

I would love to be included tfs

Anya said...

Great giveaway! Thanks.

Anya said...

I found out about you here

Thanks for the chance.

Kaye said...

I was reading the discussion group and came across your giveaway, And I would appreciate being entered. The fq's you have selected are such pretty colors. I am blogging about a month and I think its great. I meet new people every day. Please stop and say hello. Also would you add my blog to your friends list? Thanks

Ratmomma / Carolyn said...

I just discovered your site from Needlework News@Craft Gossip. I also have a blog about my Artistic Attention Deficit Disorder and am always looking for new crafting sites to read for inspiration.

pojeda said...

Hi Rhonda! I found you through The CraftGossip Blog Network,
I would love to win the fat quarters! I am a fabricholic! I am also going to sign up for your feed so I can follow your blog. I am going to use my email also to get another entry!
Thanks so much!

Marci said...

Hi! I read a bunch of crafty blogs and read about your blog on the Craft Gossip blog. I always love it when I get to visit a new site and wind up loving it! :)

Jodi said...

I am following your blog!

Jodi said...

Thank you for this contest, the fabrics look loveley!

SC Lady said...

Beautiful fabric, would be proud to use.

Agneta quilts said...

The fabrics in the FQ's are really adorable. I will post about the giveaway tonight. I read about it at The Craftgossip!!

Agneta in SWEDEN

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog, and I'm so glad! I came here from Craft gossip site. I think your fabrics are lovely, and would make a beautiful quilted tote bag! I don't blog yet, but can I still "follow" your blog? Thanks for having a giveaway! Jacque in SC

hawghugger said...

Great blog. Just found it last night through Craftgossip. I am always looking for new ideas for my quilting addiction. Looking forward to reading a lot more of your blog. Sandy

zarina said...

1 entry - I would love to be the chosen one.

2nd entry - found out from Craft Gossip website