Wednesday, August 5, 2009

4 weeks!!!!

I was just over on my friend Joanne's blog when I noticed it had been 4 weeks since my last post. Shame on me!!!! I guess I have been busy but it sure hasn't been sewing. I have been working on 2 scrap quilts. These quilts are the result of a challenge I started on our Quilting In Indiana yahoo group. I am not making much progess on them however. I think it is simply because I want to start something new and won't let myself.
I did manage to get some organizational things completed over this past weekend. I managed to get all my fabric on boards and onto shelves in our spare bedroom. I think that was quite an accomplishment. I also have a cutting table on its way from to go along with those nice neat shelves of fabric in the spare bedroom.
I did also manage to do a little fabric shopping lately also. I just need to get those scrap things finished so I can use some of that new fabric!!!!
I received the quilt that Joanne quilted last week. She does a fatastic job with her HQ! Very, very reasonably priced also! Here is a pic of the quilt she did for me.

I didn't make this quilt top. I only provided the fabric in a Bag Lady swap last year (I think it was last year). Donna Collison was the creativity behind the quilt top. I want to get the binding added soon. I just need to finish up those 2 scrap quilts first!

The other thing I can add to my list of reasons why I haven't completed anything is Facebook. Facebook alone can become addicting but throw in the fun games and you can be totally addicted in minutes! I could play more games on Facebook if I would just get those 2 scrappy quilts finished!

Well, it is time to go and maybe make some sewing headway! I got to get those 2 scrap quilts finished!!!
Until next time, and hopefully it won't be 4 weeks, have a great day!



Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back. I have been checking wondering where you were. I also bought the cutting table from Joann's. I love it. It was really easy to put together.

Karen in IN

joanne lendaro said...

Good to see you, now let's see some of those beautiful quilts that you've got stashed away!

Mary said...

Your Baglady is awesome! I love those fabrics especially. Congrats on the organizing mission, you're much braver than I!

Rhonda said...

Rhonda that's a beautiful quilt. I know what you mean about gets in the way and I'm having a lazy summer.....LOL
Take care.