Thursday, December 17, 2009


Why have people found it necessary to post spam in the comments sections of my posts? I just can't understand it. This has happened perhaps 4 times so I have had to change my settings to moderate my comments. This is such a sad world when a quilting blog has disgusting comments to delete so no one else has to see them.

So! If you plan on posting a comment about Viagra, I am not male so I really don't need it. If you plan on posting a comment telling me I need to meet up with you, sorry! I don't have time and I really don't want to. If you think you need to post a comment telling me how hot you are, you are probably NOT! I don't want to know either!

On a quilting note, I finished my daughters Happy Block swap quilt. Well, I thought I had! Put the binding on it this afternoon. Laid it out to look at it and didn't like the quilting. Just wasn't enough of it. So now I am adding some more quilting to the body of the quilt.

Have to work the next 4 days so you probably won't hear from me during that time! Hope you have a great weekend!



Kaye said...

wow, what a shame. Its the first time in the year I have been blogging that I have heard of that. There are sickos all over. Just ignore them, there are many more of us. Yikes its almost here, am I ready? no, but somehow it always works out just fine. Have a Marry Christmas and a Happy Healthy and Blessed New Year

Jacquie said...

Good job on another finish Rhonda! Sorry about the spam - one of the pet peeves of the internet world!

Jennifer said...

That stinks...hope they leave you alone now!