Monday, September 24, 2007

Been Busy!

I have been so busy the last few days that I haven't had time to post. Not really much to post either.
Friday I had to take my son to Columbus to get his Birth Certificate. He lost his wallet and needed to replace his Driver's License. While there I had to stop at Hobby Lobby and Joann's. I didn't find a thing at Joann's but did get a quilting book from the clearance rack at Hobby Lobby. Also went to the Dollar Tree for some Scribble Pads for paper piecing paper. These are great for that purpose. At $1 for 70 sheets, a lot cheaper than paper piecing paper.
Saturday was my Step Son's 21st Birthday. A group of us went to Belterra to celebrate. Belterra is a gambling boat. No, I didn't win any money! I donated as usual. Between me and hubby, Belterra is $50 ahead. lol
Sunday, of course, was church. We have Fellowship Sunday every fourth Sunday of the month. Everyone brings in homebaked goodies and we eat after church. There was a really good pumpkin pie. It seems like forever since I had Pumpkin Pie. I took my famous Pecan rolls. One of those recipes that looks like you have slaved all day on them. Actually you use Pillsbury Crescent rolls.

I did start on a new project. The pattern is actually a table runner but I thought it would make a great wall quilt. I am hoping to finish assembling it today. Maybe I will have something to share with you tomorrow.

Have a great day!

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