Monday, September 17, 2007

Busy Weekend

Good Morning!!!
I am so ready for a quiet week.
My daughter had her birthday party Friday evening. 20 teenagers from age 16 to 18 invaded our home for 5 hours. I am surprised that I have a mind left to write this with. Times have definitely changed since I was that age.

I didn't get much sewing done this weekend. We ended up closing the pool on Saturday. That is an all day job that I was happy to do. The weather didn't cooperate much this year for keeping the pool warm enough to swim in. Some advice--Don't believe your kids when they say,"Mom, if we get a pool, we promise to take care of it. You won't have to!" I won't miss the weekly trips to the pool shop for chemicals or the cost of those chemicals. This year is the first year since we got the pool that we had an algae problem. I have friends that have said that also. $250 that month for chemicals. More advice--Don't buy a pool!
Can you tell I look forward to next summer? lol

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