Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I spent the entire day, except for going to the bank and getting groceries, moving my sewing room. My entire house is in disarray!!! No I won't post any photos! lol
I am working on rearranging my entire home. That is what happens when you decide that you are going to try and adopt. We have one more training class and the home study to go through and hopefully we will have two little boys to join our family.
My mom had voluteered to come help me do some moving tomorrow, but sometimes the best plans go bad quickly. My boss called right after I talked to my mom and asked me to work days the rest of this week. I sure can't turn work down right now. lol
Some people would probably say we were crazy! Maybe we are but we are still going to follow our dream.
Can you believe it? This is my second post for today. I have had just too much energy for today.
I also want to thank Lish for the You Make My Day award. Lish is so creative. You really need to check out her blog. Make sure you check out her photos while you are there. Her Wonder Wallets are great! Thanks Lish!
Enjoy the rest of your evening!


Barb said...

Congratulations on the upcoming adoptions. As an adoptive mother I can tell you ~ it's so worth everything you have to go thru.

Sandy C. said...

I am saying lots of prayers for you and Greg to get the boys! The boys know you love them.