Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Blocks for the Lottery

On one of the Yahoo groups I belong to, we are doing a block lottery. Here are my entries! I really like the blue one better. Laurie M. was the winner for this months lottery and she picked the pattern for these. At first I wasn't going to play, I thought the pattern looked too complicated for me. But I couldn't pass up the challenge. Found out the pattern was really easy! So I am glad I went ahead and played.

I spent the day with my Mom yesterday. Our usual day together is spent going to quilt shops or sewing together. Yesterday was different. Very different!!! We spent the day here at my house washing curtains, washing windows and doing some furniture moving. We still had a good day together.
After Mom left, I did get some sewing done. I have been working on a wallhanging using the Signature blocks I received in a swap. I now have all the blocks in rows and just need to sew the rows together and add a border. My pile of quilt tops is growing so probably after this quilt I will need to concentrate on getting my tops quilted. I have a couple that just need binding so those will go fast.
That is it for today! Maybe I will be back tomorrow!


Sandy C. said...

I've seen your other quilts...this block was an easy one for you (silly girl!!!). The blocks look awesome!!!!!

Laurie said...

I hope not everyone thinks it's a hard block! One of the reasons I picked it was the directions said it was EASY! Your entries are wonderful! I received them today. Thanks!