Monday, April 28, 2008

52 hours to go

From what Joanne L. says we have about 52 hours until retreat starts! I am really looking forward to going to this special retreat in Northern Indiana. I will get to meet some great online friends for the first time! Liz, Mary, Susan, Joni and all, I can't wait to meet you in person! I hope I didn't forget anyone!

I am leaving on Wednesday to drive up to my SIL's to spend the night. Then wonderful Joanne L. is picking me up on Thursday morning to finish the drive to retreat! Then back to my SIL's on Sunday evening for the night. Should get home on Monday morning sometime. I think my DH is looking for to the vacation also.

Riding with Joanne I am sure will be an experience. I know already I should take a tarp for inclement weather and she has already said, "unruly passengers will be strapped to the cargo rack on top". I don't plan on being good! lol I think we should sing 99 spools of thread on the wall on our way. Well, I thought it was a good idea!

I guess I better think about doing some packing tomorrow. I don't even know what project(s) I will take with me to work on. I have so many I want to take but I don't think I will need that many.

Joanne, I will be ready! See ya soon!

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