Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring is here!

I think anyway! The weather has been great! So great, I have had my windows open during the day.

Greg has had to actually mow the yard. Now it needs it again. I may just do that tomorrow if I get the time. The grass is green from what you can see under all the dandelions!

Greg was able to get the garden tilled up on Monday! Yeah!!!! We even got our potatoes planted. Yesterday evening we set out our cabbage plants. I know we set out way too many though. Greg's uncle has a greenhouse and supplies us with all our plants. Whenever we ask for 12 we get 24. That was the case with the cabbage plants. We asked for 12 and got 24. Uncle Dave picked up our seed potatoes also. You can probably already figure out we got more than we wanted. Asked for 25 pounds and got 50. If the weather is good this summer, we will have plenty of potatoes and cabbage. I think it is because he always has so many extra and just wants to get rid of them. I hope it isn't because he thinks we eat that much! LOL
I always figure if we can't use it we can give it away to those that need it.

My Mom and I have been working on a quilt for my little sister Dawn. She is so little anymore. She is 45 years old! Where has the years gone!
We are making it out of batiks using Log Cabin blocks. The center of the quilt is 120 of those blocks. Then there is the first border of Flying Geese. The last border is Log Cabin blocks set on point. I think it is going to turn out nicely!
I have another quilt I need to get started on. A wall quilt for my niece's new baby that due to arrive in July. Since it is a wall quilt it won't take near as long as Dawn's quilt. The baby is going to be a girl if all the technology is correct. Her name will be Isabella Rose. I have the design in my head and just need to put some things down on paper.

Next week I am going to another Quilting Retreat in North Webster, Indiana. There will be 19 other ladies that I will be joining. I am really looking forward to it. Some of the ladies I have gotten to know through email and our Quilting in Indiana Yahoo group. I can't wait to meet them! Retreats are so much fun! You learn so much and make wonderful friendships!

That's if for today! Hopefully I will make it back sooner the next time!

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Teresa said...

Yum...I remember entire meals made from fresh vegetables out of my parents garden. They don't garden anymore and I have never been able to grow anything other than weeds, but your blog sure reminded me of how wonderful it used to be. My dad is in a nursing home now, but he always planted way too much, and before he got sick, he would take his produce to the farmer's market and sit and chat with the other guys -mostly gave his harvest to friends, family and shelters.