Friday, August 29, 2008

It has been a while since I last posted. I am going to try and catch up a little bit today. lol

I have been working quite a bit lately so that could be my excuse for not posting. If you don't buy that I have others. lol

I haven't been able to get much sewing done lately. I really need to get buys though. Retreat is just 3 weeks away and I still have my challenge quilt to quilt and bind. Knowing myself, I will probably wait until the last minute.

I received a wonderful little package from Judy in North Carolina the other day. Judy is one of my sisters friends that I met while there a few weeks ago. The pin she sent me is gorgeous and I think would work great on a purse. Now I need to find the time to make one.

I am going to a sewing day tomorrow at Bloomington. Jean, the hostess, is one of our members from our Quilting In Indiana yahoo group. The day will be spent sewing, maybe, with some of our other members at a quilt shop in Bloomington, Shiisa Quilt shop.

Anyway, here are some photos from North and South Carolina.

This is my sister Dawn, with out part of her head (new camera, lol). Actually, this is how she looks most of the time. LOL Sorry Dawn!

This is Judy and Dawn, working away on their wall quilt.

This is Sharon, I think she is the head of the hospitality committee! Wonderful cook!

This is Ann and Leanne. Two other members of the hospitality committee. Also, both great cooks.

This is the finished wall quilt we worked on while at Dawn's.

This my niece Aimee and her two children. Zach and Isabell, I think you can probably tell which is which.

This is Jill holding Isabell.

The remaining pictures are of a bridge in Charleston, South Carolina. It really amazed me and I had to take as many photos that I could while traveling 70 mph in traffic.

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Nana said...

Good to see a picture of Dawn for whom I have been praying. Francis Moore