Monday, April 12, 2010

Birthday Giveaway!

It is a beautiful spring day out and a perfect day for a birthday!  Not mine!!!  My Mom is having a birthday today but I won't tell her age.  Lets just say she isn't quite a spring chicken anymore.  Love ya Mom!

So in honor of my Mom's birthday, I thought a giveaway was in order.  I think these 30's fabrics would be perfect for a giveaway honoring a woman that might, I said might, have been born during that time.  So here is what you will win if you name is randomly drawn from all those that entered and followed the rules.

Aren't these cute!  The randomly drawn winner will win these 2-1/2 yard cuts of 30's reproduction
fabrics.  But you have to follow the rules.

So here are the rules:

1.  Leave a comment wishing Mom a Happy Birthday.  Hopefully you will leave more of a comment than that.  Make sure you also leave an email address or some way for me to contact you if you win.

2.  You must leave your comment by April 20th @ 4 pm my time.  I can't tell you whether that is Eastern or Central time.  We started changing our time twice a year a few years ago.  Before that we didn't have to bother with it. 

3.  Anyone can enter!  Would love to  hear from someone in China!  So if you are in China leave me a comment telling me you are.  I don't think I have ever gotten a comment from China.

If you would like to become a follower, I would love to have you.  But there are no extra entries for following!

I guess that is about it!  Hope to hear from you soon!



Anonymous said...

Rhonda, what a sweet Giveaway!
Thanks for sharing,love,Linda

Lindi said...

Happy Birthday, Rhonda's Mum! Hope you have a wonderful day and Rhonda spoils you. :)

Beautiful fabrics, Rhonda. Perfect to celebrate a Mum's birthday.

(click on my name to get my email if I win! Cheers, Lindi in Australia)

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday, Rhonda's Mom! This reminds me that my mom's birthday is coming up soon too!! Have a wonderful birthday!

Jenny in Texas


Tudy said...

Well a very Happy Birthday to you Mom. I am a Great Grandma and still feel sort of young. Hope you had a great day.

Gerry said...

Happy Birthday Rhonda's Mom ! ! !
This greeting comes from someone who may have been born in the 30's. :^)
Rhonda & Mom I LOVE PINK, sooooo
remember this when drawing the winning name.
Rhonda I am one of your Followers and enjoy every post.
Again, have a great birthday Rhonda's mom.
Hugs ♥♥♥
Gerry not from China but rather mid-MO

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday, Rhonda's mom! I hope you have a wonderful birthday full of special memories and some fun.

Deanna said...

Birthday's get better as you get more of them--the fabric is proof. It isn't OLD, it is POPULAR, all over again.

You can't tell if a woman is beautiful until she is at least 50. Before that it is all unearned. 50 is when the beautiful (or not so beautiful) truth comes out.

Best wishes!

Girltwin64 said...

Hippo Birdie 2 Ewe Mary! It was so special seeing you this weekend I love you and Nolan tons! Man if I had known it was your birthday I would not have let you treat me to lunch I would have treated you! Silly silly mom now I know where my sister Rhonda gets it! LOL Love you bunches, Ellen H

lesthook said...

Happy Birthday MOM! Great material for little girl qults!

free indeed said...

Here's wishing you a wonderful day Rhonda's Mom; full of family fun suprises and cake! Enjoy your day!

freeindeed at

love the fabs...such a beautiful bright pink!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Oh wow Rhonda, best wishes for your Mom on her birthday! I hope it is a very happy one :-)

Nancy said...

Best wishes to your mom on her birthday, whenever she might have been born. The fabrics are beautiful and the giveaway a nice tribute to your mother.

Kim said...

Wishing your mom a wonderful birthday! Have a great time celebrating.

I love 30's prints. I have a bunch and haven't made up my mind whether I should cut it or not. It looks so pretty nicely folded.

Barb said...

Happy Birthday to your mom....and what an awesome giveaway!!! I would looooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve to win...truly....I would beg but I have a habit of doing that and need to stop...

Bonnie said...

Happy Birthday Rhonda's Mom. I know she is taking you out for a girls day out. Enjoy your day.

sharon said...

A Extra BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Rhonda's MOM! Hope you have a very happy day! Sharonj.

benbel said...

Happy Birthday, Rhonda's Mom! Hope you get a cake and many good things for your birthday!

FrancisMoore said...

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Rhonda's Mom, happy birthday to you.

lisa said...

happy birthday Mom! As an April baby myself I think it's the best month! I hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy youself. Indulge in something you would otherwise not consider!!

Terry said...

A very Happy Birthday to Rhonda's Mom:) Best wishes for a wonderfully fun filled day!!!Don't know what kind of cake you mught have, but eat an extra piece for me!
Rhonda , I think we are Eastern time, but I'm not sure either...hate the time change thing :(
You can email me through my blog account, should I be lucky enough to win:) Of course I'm not in China though (LOL) And I'm already a follower:)
Terry (a fellow Hoosier)

soggybottomflats said...

Happy Birthday Mom...I hope you have a happy day. Thank you, Elaine

Shelley said...

Happy Birthday to Rhonda's Mom! You must be a great Mom to have raised a wonderful gal like Rhonda! Wonderful giveaway. Been a follower for a while... Shelley @

Janet said...

Happy Birthday Rhonda's mom! I'm guessing your name is Sherry. Am I right? Hope you had a wonderful day in Central time or whereever you live. Hope the cake was fresh, the flowers smelled pretty and you got lots of birthday kisses.

Cyndi said...

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, Rhonda's mom! Hope your day is filled with love and cheer and all things that bring you delight! And I would have wished you a happy day even if Rhonda wasn't giving away a prize! :o)

Rhonda, those fabrics are just too, too cute! I LOVE 30's fabrics. Thanks for the opportunity to win them!!

Have a great day with your mom.



Gene Black said...

A very special happy birthday to Rhonda's Mom. May you have amny more and celebrate them all in good health and happiness.

I would love to say Happy Birthday from China...but I am from Alabama and if you click over to my blog it would tell you so.....
So Happy Birthday from Alabama. Alabama does have something in common with China ---they both end with an "a"

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Very happy birthday wishes to Rhonda's mom, who I have no doubt is even more beautiful than those two pieces of fabric I hope to win!

Nice way to celebrate!

BTW, I am a follower!


fede said...

happy birthday!!
but rhonda, aren't you supposed to make a present to your mother instead of giving away such gorgeous fabrics? (better for us, though :D)

ps. i comment from italy and not china, but i hope to win the same!!
(sorry for my english)

Pokey said...

Birthday Blessings to a Mom that is very loved, you can just tell these things *smile*
(I'm sending these wishes from California, but I could maybe go visit Chinatown...!)
Love from pokey

icitea said...

Happy birthday to you, Rhonda's mom~ Your daughter is very sweet to do this for you, no?

Thanks for the chance~

I'm not from China, but my parents are. Does that help any?

~Clare from Canada

Doina said...

Happy Birthday Rhonda's Mom! I hope you have a wonderful birthday! I love this fabrics! I am a follower.
Doina from Romania

esquiltingpassion said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RHONDA'S MOM, hope you have a wonderful day.I wish you many healthy and happy birthdays to come.

Sara said...

Happy Birthday to Rhonda's mom! What great fabrics, would be perfect for a quilt I am collecting fabrics for!

Ela said...

Happy Birthday, Rhonda's Mum!Have a great time celebrating.
Great material for little girl qults!I am a follower.
Ela from Romania(

keep sewing! said...

Hello and Happy Birthday to Rhonda's Mom from.... Singapore! Not quite China but even further away :) Have a great day and a great year ahead!

Stormy Days said...

Happy Birthday Mom, I hope your day is wonderful. I like the thought of your daughter honoring you this way. It makes everyone wish you well.

Crafty Maine Mom said...

Happy Birthday! All the best people are born in April. Loretta Lynn, Ashley Judd, Charlie Chaplin, and you.

Enjoy your day.

Judy Beard said...

Happy birthday Mary from North Carolina! Sorry I couldn't be in CHINA right now so Rhonda could hear from an Asian follower. Hope this greeting finds you smiling and enjoying life with your precious family. Contact me at

Becky said...

Hope your Mom had a fantastic birthday!!!! Greetings from Atlanta, Georgia. Hope their was lots and lots of cake:)

c said...

Birthdays come and go, each year

it is a celebration you are still

with the loved ones that matter, and it seems that your daughter
has made this year even more special, by sharing you with us.

carol Craven

Regina said...

Oh what a joyous reason for a giveaway! Happy Birthday, Rhonda's Mom!!!

EVA SB said...

Happy Birthday Rhonda's Mum and Many Happy Returns.

My mother, who also might have been born in the 1930s, has a birthday soon. April is an excellent month![@]gmail[.]com

Commenting from Israel though I hope to been in China at some point in the not too distant future.

opalin said...

Happy Birthday Rhonda's Mom! I am not from China - but from Switzerland. And here we say: Alles Gueti zum Geburtstag und bliib gsund!

I wish you all the best, a good health in the future and a wonderful PARTY with lots of cakes and other goodies.


Ela said...

I can't subscribe to folower!!!

Joanna said...

Happy Birthday Rhonda's Mom! I hope all of your wishes come true and that you have a wonderful day. You cannot eat too much cake and ice cream on your birthday, so enjoy.

I love the fabric, especially the kitties. So nice of you to celebrate your Mom's day in this way. Thank you.

P.S. I'm not in China either, but in New England.

carmel said...

happy happy birthday!
what a great date! my son just turnd 3 at the same date! so we have something in commen :-)
thanks for the beautiful giveaway
and i wish your mom the best!!!
happy birthday!

Carmi said...

Happy Birthday Mom! I was just telling my mom that I wanted to make her vintage apron out of 30s fabrics. How coincidental. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Mom, I'll bet you are as springy a chicken as ever!!! Hope you have the most awesomest birthday!!!!! Rhonda what a nice way to celebrate your mom's special day.

Karen in IN

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday MOM ! And many more

Rosa-kreattiva said...

buon compleanno mamma di Rhonda... io non vengo dalla cina ma solo dall'italia... sono felice di partecipare al tuo blog candy
ti ho inserita nella slidebar di
a presto rosa

Ukka said...

Happy Birthday Rhonda's Mum! And wishing your mom many more! I would like to participate in this give away, the gift is precious!I added a link to the sidebar
Thank you so much for the chance to take part!!!

Greetings from Russia,

HildeM said...

Happy birthday - or as we say in Norway: GRATULERER MED DAGEN! Wish you all the best!

Thanks for ginving me the chance to win.

Hugs, Hilde

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pamdux said...

Mom, Happy Birthday and I pray you have many more in the years to come.

pamdux said...

Sorry the hubby was hooking me up to my pain machine. May your Mom have the happiest birthday ever and may she have many more in the years to come.

joanne lendaro said...

Hi Mary, I hope you have a wonderful Birthday, but knowing Noland, I know you will! Miss you all very much! Hugs!!