Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thank You!

If you are looking for the Fall Into Fall Giveaway, you can find it here.  Don't forget to leave an email address where you can be contacted. 

A great BIG Thank You to all that have left comments on the giveaway.  You sure aren't making it easy for me.  But that is quite all right!!!  So many blogs to visit and not enough time in the day.  Hopefully sometime in the next few weeks I can go visiting!  I am happy to see so many comments about how much you enjoy Kelly's blog.  I know I do. 

I didn't get to post last night.  Sorry!  I got home from work, did some laundry, fixed some dinner and then crashed on the couch.  I woke up about 11 so I could go to bed.  I had to work later today than I normally do so I didn't get home until 6 this evening.  So it was Take Home Taco Bar for dinner tonight along with some more laundry.  How much laundry does this family have?  It seems like I am always doing laundry!

No sewing tonight!  I did watch a few shows I had on the DVR.  I got plenty more to catch up on but I might save those for the weekend.

I didn't get to go to Salem last Wednesday like I had planned.  I really need to get some backing fabrics and that is the place to go for those.  So I thought I would go tomorrow.  NOT!  Got to work on my day off.  That is not a bad thing because I sure could use the hours.  So maybe Saturday I will get those backings.  We will have to see.  I think I will just quit planning to go!

Hope you are enjoying the blog hop but remember, please hop responsibly!  There actually should be a warning attached to a Quilters Blog Hop!  LOL

See ya tomorrow!



Shelley said...

LOL! I start hopping and next thing I know my breathing is excelerated, my hand is shaking and I've lost two hours!LOL! Thanks for the reminder...to funny!

lisa said...

I so hear you about laundry. I sometimes wonder if people even wore the stuff I just washed because I feel like I am washing the same thigns over and over! I guess we all have our favorite outfits!

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Does that mean "don't hop while drunk?"

WoolenSails said...

Yes, hopping can be dangerous, lol.
I have found some wonderful new blogs, including yours, so more to read;) I tape shows too and then watch them while I do hand work.