Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Late Valentine’s Day Gifts

I don’t know about you but I just can’t see paying so much for those pretty red boxes of chocolates for Valentine’s Day.  So it has kind of become a tradition in our house that we celebrate the occasion on February 15th.  I hit the Walgreens this afternoon and got all my kids and of course the granddaughter, those nice boxes of chocolates.  All at 50% off!  I even got the granddaughter a stuffed dog at 50% off.  So instead of paying $72 for those items I paid $36.  So that is $36 that I can purchase fabric with and do you think the kids care.  Not a bit!  LOL


So next year think about hitting the Valentine’s Day aisle a day late.  Even the flowers were 50% off.  In previous years, there was a larger selection to choose from.  Today I was still able to get some nice things but not like I had in the past.


So I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day!



Pat said...

I did the same thing today since I knew I'd not be seeing the grandkids until this upcoming weekend. Also, as you, I found the selection wasn't as good this year....guess the stores didn't stock as much, so there wasn't as much left-over as in previous years. In a related vein, I used to bake my Christmas cookies AFTER Christmas if I wasn't going to have company until after Christmas. It was one less chore I had to squeeze in before the big day......and that made it more relaxing and enjoyable!

Winona said...

Great idea, Rhonda. We have just quit buying much of anything since the kids all moved out. I gave dh a Snickers bar and he gave me a Pepsi. What big spenders we are, eh? LOL

Joanne Lendaro said...

hahaha!! You are too funny!! Good to see you on here again!!

Rhonda said...

Hi Rhonda, Rhonda here.....I've missed you...glad you're back....as for Valentine's Day flower and candy......I'm glad I'm not into that stuff anymore....it was getting very expensive....the candy ....well, I do miss that alittle...LOL