Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Giveaway Winner

I truly appreciate all of you that stopped by and voted on binding the quilt!  I love all the comments that were received, but it is now time to announce a winner.  The quilt will have the binding put on it and given to someone that will appreciate it.  I am sure it won’t be hard.  I do donate a lot of quilts for various charities and fundraisers. 

If you remember, the winner receives this tablerunner that just has no hope of surviving my family.


I won’t make you wait any longer!

The winner of the table runner is……………

Becky said...

I absolutely love your tablerunner!!!! Definitely bind the quilt and use it:)


Congratulations Becky!!! 

I have sent Becky an email and await her snail mail address.  If I have no response from her in the next 48 hours, I will draw another name.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! 

Hope you had a great day!



Becky said...

Thank you, Rhonda! I'm thrilled to give this tablerunner a home. I love the fabrics you used. Thanks for sharing!

Cyndi said...

Congratulations to Becky! Use that lovely runner and enjoy it! And thank you, Rhonda, for the fun give away. I'm glad you're going to be binding your quilt...someone is going to love it! :o)



Gene Black said...

Yaay for Becky!

WoolenSails said...

Congratulations to Becky!
I used to make hooked rugs for runners, but like being able to make cotton ones that I can change out for the seasons.


Jen said...

Congrats Becky! What a great win!

Joanne Lendaro said...

Way to go Becky, the Quilting Book Lady!!

Stray Stitches said...

So glad to hear you decided to finish up the quilt. Congrats to Becky and thanks for having such a wonderful giveaway.

Teresa said...

Lucky Becky! It will be a great one to use this summer.

Barb said...

Congrats to the winner, such a lovely runner!