Saturday, April 16, 2011

Update on Perfectly Paisley

My Perfectly Paisley quilt top is ready to be quilted.  But, yes there is a but, I don't like the size.  I don't feel it is long enough for a lap quilt.  I am thinking about adding some fabric to the top and bottom.  What do you think?

At least one of the kids was home today so he could hold it while I took the picture.  Not the best photo but better than on the floor!

I also started a Color Theory Class in one of the Yahoo groups I belong to.  The group is called Stitchmap.  This is my lesson 2.  We had to make our own color wheel.

Hope you are having a good weekend.  It is cold and rainy here!  Heading back to the sewing room to cut up some scraps with the GO cutter.



Deborah in Atlanta said...

Wow, that is some lovely eye candy. Makes me want to go buy it even more!

Ann Flowers said...

Gorgeous quilt. I think it looks like a good size, If it had to be held over head to get a picture, it seems like it would be ok.

No matter what you decide it sure is lovely!

Your Wheel looks wonderful. The class is so interesting, I love it.

Ann Flowers

Cyndi said...

Wow, Rhonda, you got that finished quickly! And it is adorable. I think if you are unhappy with the size, then by adding some borders it would be just about right.



Nancy said...

So very pretty. I'm inspired!

Nancy said...

My suggestion, if you do decide to add to it, would be to add small borders mirroring the inside "panel". narrow borders with the same themes,(if you can understand this).

Teresa said...

Its such a pretty soft quilt. Top and bottom borders always seem to give a quilt a little added interest too.

Jean Carlton said...

It's lovely - If you are not happy with the size for the use you have in mind, I would not go ahead with finishing until you are happy! I have done a couple of projects where I just wanted to be done and regret it now - my son is over 6 ft....the quilt is too short....all that work...may as well just put in the time and effort to have it be the piece you will be happy with.
My 2 cents! Jean