Friday, April 24, 2009

Finally here!!

The weekend has finally arrived!!!! I am looking forward to getting some sewing done this weekend. That is after going to the bank tomorrow, doing laundry and basically getting some housework done.
I have a busy next week at work. The other Home Health Aide is taking 3 days vacation so I will be picking up some of her patients while she is off. Hope she enjoys her vacation time.
Most of you that follow my blog know I have a daughter that will be graduating high school this year. She found out that she was accepted to Hanover College last fall. I know she is really looking forward to that. Right now though, the end of Senior year is quickly coming upon us. You really don't think too much about it until certain things happen. The first was the Senior Prom just a few weeks ago. The one thing that has happen that has really made me realize the end of her High School experience was coming to an end, is the arrival of the cap and gown and graduation announcements. The little one will soon be starting a new adventure in her life. Boy, does the time fly. It seemed like yesterday she was going to her first day of Kindergarten. I still remember that day. She wore a blue denim skirt, red t-shirt and white tennis shoes. I can't forget her hot pink butterfly backpack. I am really proud of all that she has accomplished is her 18 years.

I am heading for the sewing room. Hope you have a great weekend!


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Jodi said...

Hi Rhonda - long time no "talk". Sounds like your life is busy-busy! I'm excited for your daughter's graduation coming up. What a milestone!!! Take care - just wanted to pop over and say HI!