Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Book Storage

Happy New Year! Hope the year is starting off good for you!

Several years ago I really got into cardmaking, scrapbooking & altered arts. So much so I actually was published in a couple of issues of Stampers Sampler. And you know when you are really into a craft, lots of books are necessary. But now that I am a dedicated quilter again, what do I do with all those books? I tried to sell them on ebay, but when you can go to Amazon and purchase used ones for little or nothing, it was a waste. But I really need to declutter and reorganize around here. Then there is that fear that you might need that book again. So what do you do? Donate them to your local library! Isn't that the best storage you could have? I think so! I will be able to use them when I want plus get a charitable tax donation of what I think they are worth. I think I have found my storage solution for these unused books. So today is the day I will be delivering them to the Jennings County Public Library. When I called them yesterday they were so excited to receive them and the magazines I have been storing. They even said if I would wait til 1 this afternoon they would have a guy there to unload the car for me. So the car was loaded last night and they are ready to go!

What else have I been doing? Some friends and I got together Monday at the New Frankfort Merchantile quilt shop to work on some quilts for Quilts For Kids. If you get some time, please consider making a quilt for this great organization.

I have also been moving my sewing room. But I think those pictures will be saved for a post tomorrow!

Have a great day!



Jen said...

Wow, I never thought about donating them to the library. That's an awesome idea that I'm going to have to consider!

Regina said...

I just donated my reference books from my studies/teaching of Japanese language and culture to my local library - it felt really really good to share them with the community at large that way, rather than thinking of them hiding in someone's bookcase somewhere. And since I am an avid borrower of craft books from the library - and find the selection a bit thin - I hope that more crafters will think as you do and pass their books along in this way.

joanne lendaro said...

Way to go!! That is a great idea!