Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Sewing Room Almost!

Thanks so much for the comments on yesterdays post! The library is a great source of quilting books. I know I have been saving quite a bit by utilizing the local library. Now if could only get Goodwill to take my clothes in on trade!

I have been an owner of a Janome 1600 machine and Grace quilting frame for quite some time. I had to take it apart and store it for a while when some things were happening around here that necessitated that. I have been wanting to put it back up for quite a while but knew it would be a job. The only room large enough to accommodate the frame is the living room which was my sewing room. So the sewing room had to be moved to a bedroom. That happened on Tuesday night. I took some pictures of the new sewing room while it was still somewhat clean and organized.

I started organizing my scraps the Bonnie Hunter way a while back. This is a photo of those scraps in draws and also my collection of FQ's that seems to be ever growing.

My sewing tables! I love having two of them to give me extra room to move a quilt around.

Looks so clean and organized! Probably won't look that way for long!

Now that this has been accomplished, it is time to thing about putting the frame back together. Maybe I will do that this weekend!

Hope you are having a great day! We have at least 3" of snow right now with more falling! Stay warm and dry!



joanne lendaro said...

Making great progress!! Now get that frame up and get busy!! Can't wait to see what you can do!

Rhonda said...

Your sewing room looks great. It sure makes things easier when your fabrics are where you can get at them.