Monday, March 29, 2010

More Changes! And Pictures to prove it!

This isn't quilt related so you might want to just skim on by.  But then again it might be interesting! 

I have hated my hair for some time now.  Years!!!!  So today I did something about it.  I guess you could say it was drastic.  You might save that word for in a couple of weeks when I think I might just go back and get it colored.  Maybe a red would look great!  lol

So I sat down in the chair and told the hairstylist that I wanted it all cut off.  You could hear a pin drop in the salon.  Everyone started staring waiting for my final decision (I was still somewhat on the fence).  I knew I wanted it short but really didn't know what I wanted.  Then another customer came in.  I looked at her hair and said, "I want a cut like hers!".  So that is what I got.

I had Leisa, the hairstylist, take a before photo before she started cutting.  So here are some photos!


Are you ready to see the after?  Are you sure?  Well here it is!  The picture isn't very good because my daughter took it with her cell phone.  But you get the idea!


Now onto some quilty stuff! 
I don't have any pictures of anything I have made to show you.  What I am sharing is simply an observation!

I have never purchased any 30's reproduction fabrics.  I haven't liked them so I found no need to keep any in my stash.  But recently I have been seeing quite a few quilts using them and I have found that I really like them.  So much so that the next time I go fabric shopping I am going to buy me some 30's reproduction fabrics.  I even have a pattern in mind for these fabrics that haven't been purchased yet. 

The Observation:  Our tastes change so much in regards to fabric.  I used to purchase Thimbleberries.  I don't anymore.  Then my taste started leaning towards the bright fabrics.  I do still love them but I now find my taste drifting back to the 1930's and I can't wait to start adding them to my stash!

That is it for today.  Except, I did hear from Sara and her Jelly Roll will be going in the mail in the next couple of days!  Congratulations to all the winners in the Hoppin' Good Eggs giveaways!



Tudy said...

I love your hair cut. I do not know about the red color.

I know my tastes have changed over the years too.

Colleen said...

Cute haircut! Mine has been short for so long I wouldnt know what to do with longer hair. Although it does mean frequent trips to the hairdresser. Can't wait to see your color decision.

Pat said...

Your haircut is wonderful!!!

Sara said...

I think your new cut looks good on you!

Anonymous said...

I like it a lot. Hope you like looking younger because the cut does that for you. I got mine all cut short like that last September although it's a wee bit longer at this time.

Cyndi said...

Rhonda, I love your hair cut. From what I can see from the "after" photo, it makes you look younger. I cut my longer hair about a year and a half ago...and immediately people started telling me I looked at least 10 years younger! Plus, it's really easy to fool with. I can't wait to see what you decide about the color! :o)



Kaye said...

The haircut is great on you and after wearing it short you will love how easy it is to take care of.

Janet said...

I love the new haircut too. And I think you will like it very much when you get over the shock. I have always worn my hair short. Now that I am retired I wear it even shorter and have stopped coloring it. I go back and forth about coloring, but now that it is all grown out I hate to start over. I just remind myself that back in the 70's frosted hair was the rage---that's what I have now.

I know my fabric choices have changed over the years too. I still like brights, but I have made some more muted quilts and have grown to enjoy those colors too. I love my new Kiwi batik strips--not sure how to use them yet.

I have started blogging. I hope you will visit me sometime. I enjoy your blog.

I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

Cute hair cut! well done. Now i think i should do something about mine!

Jean said...

Your haircut looks great. I think you will get many compliments. Sometimes it is just time to let it go. I think you would like a reddish brown to start, then go more red if you want. It's never too late to experiment with color, just don't go too drastic to start with, or you might have a heart attack! lol Will you do it yourself or go to a salon?

Gerry said...

Well, Rhonda, I am going to have to agree with everyone who sez your great hair cut takes years off ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Nothing ventured, nothing gain.
Go for the RED ! !

I wear mine short [have it cut every 4 weeks] top is 7/8" front/bangs l.25".
However, mine is almost white.

Any way, thumbs up for the HAIR.


Regina said...

Love the cut! Looks marvelous!

Jan said...

Love the haircut. Change is good, I think.

Sherry said...

I think your haircut looks great!

Ashley said...

The new hair cut is very flattering on you. Congratulations on having the courage to get it done. I've had a whole lot of hair chopped off too and know the hesitancy felt in those seconds before the actual snip of the scissors.

Terry said...

Love the new hair cut:) Cut mine about 1 year ago, will never let it grow long again...way too much trouble and I was told it made me look way too old.
Also Love the new blog look!!!


Stephanie in Michigan said...

Your haircut is awesome! Very becoming on you! Go for the color you want. It's just color. You can recolor it if you don't like it, and it wears out anyway! Love it!

Quilt Hollow said...

The newer style is much nicer and up-to-date!

Anonymous said...

Wow you did make a major change. Love your haircut!! I think it is fabulous!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

It's lovely, Rhonda!

Lindi said...

Your new style looks great! It makes you look younger and more stylish. If you wear purples, plum would be a good hair colour!

Judy said...

Change is good! You'll love how easy it is to care for. I cut my looonnnng high school/college days hair at the age of 23 and have only been going "shorter, shorter" since!

Anonymous said...
to me

Rhonda, you look so much younger!

now red highlites, hmmmm go for it gal

Carol C.
"go ahead and knock-I am already disturbed"

Anonymous said...

My Dear Daughter Rhonda:
I really love your new hair cut, it makes you look so much younger, but please don't turn it to RED
Love you much
Mom and Nolan