Wednesday, March 24, 2010

WOW!!! Giveaway Comments!

I can't believe all the comments that have been received for the Good Egg giveaway!  Wish I could have thanked each and every one of you for commenting and following, but then I wouldn't get any sewing done.  I have been checking out your blogs a lot of today and my Google Reader is busting at the seams with new blogs for me to read.

With this great response I might just have to add another prize! 

If you haven't entered the giveaway yet, just slide on down to the next post and do that now.  Make sure you head over to Hoppin' Good Eggs and check out the other blogs participating in the giveaway.

While your browsing around make sure you go by Kelly's blog, I Have A Notion, and sign up for her great giveaways.  Don't forget to check out her online store also.

I do have to work some tomorrow so I won't be doing comment approvals as quickly.  Darn it! But I will have something to look forward to when I come home.

See you tomorrow!



joanne lendaro said...

Another Jelly Roll would be!!!

Valrie said...

Rhonda. I came up here to let you know I am now a follower and will be back for your guidance on these jelly roll quilts! Please join me Saturday for Pink Saturdays, we are another bunch of happy bloggers!

Nice to have a new blog friend!


Sandi said...

Rhonda.....I think you are "on a roll" with the most comments so far. LOL!!! This has been great fun, hasn't it? It's working so well, that I am planning another fun thing for Christmas.....more later...... :-)

Kaye said...

Now this color is good, I like it