Friday, September 17, 2010

Are you ready?

For the weekend!

I sure am!!!

I am heading out in the morning for one of my favorite places.  Menards!!!  They always have some good deals going on.  This is what I will be on the lookout for!
I know it says it is a Safety Grip Handle but you all know what I will be using it for.  Going to pick up a couple for some gifts for my quilting family this year.

So I hope you have some great plans for the weekend!  See you tomorrow!



Jacquie said...

OMG I had never though of that! Great idea!! If you have time stop by Stream Cliff they are suppose to be having an outdoor Quilt Show there tomrorrow.

Gene Black said...

totally cool! Those would be great for my six by 24" ruler.

Needled Mom said...

Those are awesome tools in the sewing room!

Cyndi said...

Okay, dumb Dora here again! What do you use those for...grips for your rulers? (I only guessed that because I saw Gene's comment! LOL!) If so, that's a pretty cool idea. I might have to give that a try because my rulers are always slipping!



P.S. Have fun tomorrow!

Shelley said...

Have a good day!! I plan to go to some shopping with a friend for some "essentials" (aka fabric lol).