Saturday, September 11, 2010

Big or Small & Log Cabin Blocks

I am one that doesn't make a lot of small quilts.  I have made maybe 3 or 4 wall quilts in the 30 years I have been quilting.  When I finish a quilt it is quite an accomplishment.  So you probably won't see a  lot of finishes here but rather a lot of in the process.  Right now I would have to say I have 3 major quilts in the process of piecing.  The one I worked on today is a quilt using log cabin blocks.  I LOVE Log Cabin quilts!  The log cabin block has to be one of my favorites.  There are so many different patterns that can be achieved using a simple log cabin block.  So what do you prefer to make?  Large or Small?

I did finish quilting the quilt I have had on the frame this last week.  I would show you a picture of it but what would I post tomorrow?  It still needs the binding on it.  The quilting turned out great!  You can't even see all the mistakes I made!!!  Now that is good quilting!  lol

Please remember those who died just 9 short years ago!  Bless those families who lost loved ones, I can only imagine their grief even now after 9 years.

Hope you are having a great weekend!  See you tomorrow on Day 11! 



Cyndi said...

Hi Rhonda! Of course you know I don't quilt, but I love Log Cabin quilts! I have one in greens and I absolutely adore it!

Thought of you on Friday as I was at the quilt show...I actually test drove the Husqvarna quilting was fun! And it was on sale, a show special, reduced from $5,000 to only $3,000, just for the show! Of course I didn't buy it! LOL!!!

Melinda Cornish said...

/I love all sizes of log cabin blocks.....they are so pretty and you can do so much in so many different color schemes...
It makes me sad to think of 9 /11. I always send up a quick prayer for the families left behind.

Anonymous said...

I recently fell in love with log cabin quilts too - after 30 years of quilting. And I just decided I don't make my quilts big enough so I went through my stash (of tops) pulled out 9 and decided to add borders to make them BED size.