Friday, August 31, 2007

Round Robin Blocks

These are blocks I did for a Round Robin in a Yahoo group I belong to. I thought I would share with you. The block designs are by Deb Karasik and Janet Mednick of Quilt Mavens fame. I love their spikey blocks.


ikkinlala said...

They're all beautiful, but I love the one with orange in it.

schnoobie said...

Love those old machines!! Looks like the Kenmore was an industrial model?? I know there are resources on the web that can tell you way more than I can....I just bought an old singer treadle for 20 but its missing the bobbin /shuttle. It was made in 1903 according to the website.. Thanks for the warm welcome to the Quilting In Indiana group...I guess I'm representing the Icanhearthetollroadfrommyhouse/almosttoMichigan Chapter. I'll be happy to send SNOW TO ONE AND ALL!!!!