Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cooler Weather!

What a beautiful day in the neighborhood! After the heat and humidity the last couple of weeks it was nice to wake up to an 80 degree day.

I had to get up earlier than usual today. I had an 8:30 a.m. appointment for a root canal. Yuk!!! It wasn't nearly as bad as what I had thought. What hurt the most was paying that much for it! As my DH says,"its only money!" You mean its only fabric! Fabric I can't purchase because I had to spend so much on dental work. So depressing! I think how much fabric I could have purchase for the cost of that tooth.

I did do some recent fabric shopping the last couple of weeks. All on sale of course.

My first purchase was to Colorful Cottons online. Everything was on sale for $4 a yard. My order got her in a decent length of time but $24 for shipping and handling was way too much. I know that at least $16 went to just handling. That made my fabric almost $5 a yard in the long run.

My Colorful Cottons order.

The next order I placed was with Stitching Post Quilts in Washington, Indiana. Some of the fabrics were $2.75 a yard.

My Stitching Post Quilts order.

The last purchase was made at Margies Country Store in Madison, Indiana. Margie and all her wonderful employees makes her store one of my favorites. I got all my fabric 50% off when I was there yesterday.

My purchase at Margie's Country Store.

Now that I have purchased all this fabric, I need to start some sewing. LOL That is what I am going to do now!

Have a great day!

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Teresa said...

Nice fabric purchases!

Isn't EQ6 just the most fun. I love your pineapple block design. I have been playing around with that pattern and I think your color choices are great. You can see the design I am currently working on at my blog www. stitchinfriends.blogspot.com