Monday, June 16, 2008

June 16th, 2008

If you have a blog, you know how hard it is to come up with a title each time you post. My solution---just have the date as the title. So that is what you will see as the titles on my posts.

My sister's quilt is now in South Carolina for a short visit then will be on to North Carolina tomorrow. I guess you could say it is taking the scenic route to her. I am anxious to find out what she thinks of it. If you hear screaming it may be her.

I had planned to post yesterday telling all, well some, about our sewing day Saturday. But I got busy Sunday and didn't get it done. I got up Sunday morning and took a shower and got ready for church. After church I thought I might as well mow the yard. I got that done and took another shower. Got the vacuum hooked up on the pool and did that job. Just got that done when Greg came home and said his brother needed some help setting his tobacco. So off to the field I go. Spent 5 hours doing that. I wish I had thought ahead and took the sunscreen. I am quite a bit red right now. Anyway, got home from there about 8 p.m. and had to take another shower. 3 showers in one day!!!

So I do need to tell about our sewing day on Saturday. We had a blast!!!! I think we had a total of 17 people come that day. Some for just a little while and others for the whole day. The last ones left about 7 p.m. I didn't get much sewing done but had a lot of fun just chatting with old and new friends. We took a road trip to one of our nearby quilt shops. I think they were glad to see us. Maybe not. We were there for about an hour past their closing time. The owner, Sharynn Patterson, gave everyone 10% off their purchase. That was so sweet of her. Sharynn and her employees are so nice. I love going in her shop. I did purchase 3 new patterns and a stencil. One of the patterns was for my daughter Jill. It is the Sassy Bag by Lazy Girl Designs. Jill has been making some of the Wonder Wallets by Lazy Girl so I thought this would be a great pattern for her.

Today I made 2 blocks for the block lottery on our Quilting In Indiana group. The pattern chosen by the winner this month is Kansas Dugout on the Quilters Cache website. Great website if you are ever looking for a pattern. Here are photos of the two blocks I made. I didn't get a straight shot of one of the blocks so it looks kind of funny.

This is the better photo of the two. I guess I must not have been wobbling as much. LOL

See what I mean about being wobbly! LOL

I got these 2 blocks done today plus 42 Batik Happy Blocks for a swap I am participating in. They are turning out really great. Tomorrow it will be more Happy Blocks!

See ya later!!!!!!!


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Sandy C. said...

Rhonda, thanks for a much needed day out with old and new friends! I always love going down to Deputy. And the road trips are ALWAYS a blast!!! Sandy