Thursday, June 19, 2008

June 19, 2008

Have you noticed the new layout for my blog? I thought I needed to brighten it up a lot. Do you like it, let me know.

I have received comments on my blog from several people. I don't know how to reply to them. Haven't figured that out yet. Could someone leave me a comment and tell me how to do that? I am computer illiterate. lol

The photos I post aren't very good either. I can tell you why though. My digital camera is 7 years old. When I bought it back then it was top of the line. But you know how things are. You buy something one year and it is obsolete the next. I have asked my kids for a new camera for my birthday next month. I think I may just get it. Yippee!!!! You will actually see decent photos on my blog. LOL

I spent yesterday working on my Batik Happy Block swap. I have all my blocks done. I will mail them once Jill gets her blocks done for the swap. I think she has 15 of her 50 done. They are really easy and go together really fast so it won't take long. We are way ahead of the deadline which is August 15th. We are doing this swap in our Quilting In Indiana group.

I thought today I would work on some blocks to send for the Quilts of Valor quilts. One of the ladies in our group participates in that and gave us the instructions for the blocks last Saturday at our sewing day. These quilts are made for injured service men and women in our state. A very worthwhile cause. You might want to check on the organization in your state.

Well, that is about it for today. Have a wonderful day!



Sandy C. said...

Rhonda, I believe that you can click on their name and link to their site and leave a message there. I have done it in the past.

Love the new layout. I try to change mine every now and then.

Teresa said...

Hi Rhonda,
If you click on the name it should pull up a profile where you can either go to their blog and leave a comment or send them an email if they have put their email address on their profile.

Love the quilt pics that your sister sent. That is a beauty of a quilt.