Sunday, January 4, 2009

Gosh it sure has been a while. Almost a month now since I posted. Yikes! Where does the time go!

I haven't gotten to do much in the way of quilting. First there were the holidays to keep me busy and now it is a full time job that occupies my time.

Our family had a wonderful Christmas again this year. Christmas Eve was spent with my Mom and Dad (actually my stepdad but who is counting). My niece Aimee and her husband, Mike, and their 2 children were here from South Carolina. It had been several years since they were able to make it here for the holidays. It was so great to see them.

Christmas Day was spent with all of our kids here for the day. I fixed a big dinner and we ate, and ate, and even ate some more. lol

I received some wonderful gifts from my family. The best were the gift certificates to 3 different quilt shops. I am sure I will use them. Actually I already used one. lol I am trying to save the other 2 for things that I really, really need. Something like just a need to spend some $$$ on my addiction to fabric is something that I would consider a really, really big need. lol

I got 5 quilts done for Christmas gifts. Along with 5 purses and 4 Wonder wallets. I think I accomplished quite a bit. Hopefully I will get started earlier this year and accomplish more.

I have decided to try and not buy any fabric and quilty items this year. I know it is completely impossible to do that but I would at least like to know how much I actually spend this year. So in order to do that, I have added a section at the side of my blog to keep track of all my quilty purchases this year. Do I have to add what I buy with my gift certificates? I think not, since I am actually not paying for those items.

I have one more night to work and then I will be off one day. So Tuesday I plan to get some sewing accomplished. Wish me luck!

Hope you had a great weekend!


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