Saturday, January 24, 2009

I spent a great day with my good friend Joanne and my Mom today. Oh, and I can't forget my step dad Nolan. The plan was to get together to sew but you know how plans are.

This morning we started putting together some fabrics for a quilt that my Mom wants to make for my niece. She didn't really have what we needed but we were trying. While we were looking on the internet for companion fabrics, Nolan called and asked what we would like for lunch. Of course, we couldn't decide so he made a suggestion. His suggestion worked for all of us. We all went to Christies Restaurant in Salem. Absolutely great place to eat!!!! Afterwards, of course, we had to stroll down the block to Craft Town. Craft Town has an awesome selection of quilting fabrics! So we all managed to spend some $$$ in that store. Nolan was so patient and had fun looking at all the gadgets.

I did add my purchases to the right side of my blog. Thanks for the comment Aileen on the previous post. It is not bravery but curiousity!!! lol

On our drive back, Nolan or Mom (can't remember which one) had another great idea. Stopping at McDonalds for an Iced coffee. When we got back to Mom and Nolan's we enjoyed a piece of Oatmeal Cake Mom had made the night before. I need to get that recipe from her.

I think we all had a great day! It is always nice to spend the day with Mom and Nolan but today was especially nice since Joanne got to join us. We will definitely have to do this again sometime.

Great to see you again Joanne! Miss ya already GF!!!


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