Sunday, January 11, 2009

I am totally not getting any sewing done this weekend. I did make it to Mom's yesterday but we spent the time playing with her new sewing/embroidery machine. Stopped at Max and Erma's on the way home to pick up dinner.
Today I spent the biggest part of the day gathering photos to send to the boys' new parents. They sent us photos last week via Ohio Children and Family Services. I had agreed to send them photos from when the boys were younger. The boys look really happy in the photos and that is all we have ever wanted for them. Hopefully one day we will see them again. I still wish we had been the ones to adopt them but at least we can tell they are happy and that is what matters.
Tomorrow is back to work for 2 days. My next day off will be on Wednesday. I am already looking forward to Wednesday. I am not making any plans. You know what happens when you make plans! lol

Have a great evening!


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Teresa said...

Its nice that you can spend time with your mom like that. I do know know the history of your time with the boys, but just from what you said they must have been important to you. I hope, as well, that you can see them again.