Saturday, January 24, 2009

I have been sitting here on the computer for the last hour reading quilting blogs. There are so many out there to read and, of course, look at all the eye candy. I am amazed at how many there are! I wish I could add all of them to my blog list but where do you stop. With work and everything else that needs to get done it would be totally impossible to keep up with all of them. The Just Us Quilters blog is a great place to start your reading. Another great place is Quilting Blogs from Around the World.
So where do you start and where do you stop?

I have been working on some satin stitch applique blocks that have been offered at Fat Cat Patterns. I am going to try and get some photos taken this weekend to post.

On the right side of my blog you will notice that I have been keeping track of all my quilty purchases for the year. I haven't started out very good so far. Hopefully I will do better. I am trying to use up a lot of the fabric I already have. At the end of the year, I will be able to tell how much I actually spent this year. I hope that I am not shocked at the end result.

Hope you have great plans for the weekend!


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Aileen said...

Oh, you are brave to keep track of spending. I will be limiting myself to fabric for a wedding quilt, and possibly some to go with stash. I won't have a lot of quilty time so I shouldn't spend a lot on fabric, should I? That's what I keep telling myself. Are you going to use it this year? Otherwise, but it when I need it.